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Total harmonic distortion  Less than 0.1% (20Hz-20kHz; Halfpower), RL=4ohms
Intermodulation distortion Less than 0.1% (60Hz:7kHz=4:1; Halfpower)
Frequency response +0dB, -1.0dB (RL=8ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz) 
S/N ratio 96dB 
Power band width 10Hz-40kHz
Crosstalk Less than -70dB
Damping factor More than 200
Voltage gain 32dB/26dB / 35.7dB (+4dBu)
Input sensitivity -0.8dBu (32dB)、+5.2dB (26dB), +4dB
Maximum input voltage +22dBu
Line input / output ports 2x XLR-3-31 type, 2x Euroblock connector
Speaker output ports 2x speakON, 2x 5-way binding post
Control ports D-sub 15pin
Processors HPF (20Hz/55Hz/OFF, 12dB/Oct) 
Load protection Power switch on/off mute, DC-fault: Amplifier shuts down automatically. (Operation not restored automatically), Clip limiting (THD ≥ 0.5%) 
Amplifier protection Thermal (Mute the output; heatsink temp ≥ 90°C; Operation not restored automatically), VI limiter (Limit the output, RL ≤ 1ohm)
Power supply protection Thermal (Amplifier shuts down automatically; heatsink temp ≥ 100°C)
Amplifier class EEEngine 
Cooling 1x Variable-speed fan
Power requirements Depend on area of purchase; 100V, 120V, 230V or 240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption Music source equivalent 100V: 150W, 120V/230V/240V
Power consumption Idling 20W 
Stand-by 5W
Dimensions W 480mm; 18-7/8in 
Dimensions H 88mm; 3-7/16in (2U) 
Dimensions D 456mm; 17-15/16in 
Net weight 12kg; 26.5lbs